Animation Mistakes

Justin, the boy from the beginning who runs away from his mother and up onto the ramp, has a toy plane he is playing with in his left hand. When he falls into the fake inflatable pyramid and is launched into the air, the plane is still in his left hand. While traveling through the air the toy plane suddenly is in Justin’s right hand.

Before Flynn cuts off Rapunzel’s hair, there is a shot where he strokes her hair behind her ear and he doesn’t have a shackle on his arm. But in the next shot the shackle reappears. 

There is visibly nothing on the beach when Miguel and Tulio first arrive, but once they start kissing the sand, two skeletons appear.

For the Madagascar one, do you maybe think Alex may have just pushed Melman back?

If you watch the entire scene, Alex does not push Melman back and only simply tries to push and pull him out.

- Hayden 

When Alex tries to get Melman out of his crate, Melman is lying near the sea, but when Alex uses a tree to get Melman out, Melman is now lying farther away. 

At her wedding, Cinderella is wearing a long sleeved gown. But when she rides away in the carriage in the final shot the gown is now short sleeved.

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um a thing i just noticed in frozen when she throws the crown her bun kinda goes into her back idk if dont have the gifs or whatever to prove it but theyre everywhere and yeah

I looked into it and to me it just looks like her bun is pressing against on her back. 

so i just went to check your tag and it was filled with porn?

Yeah, I know. Some blog kept posting pornography under blog urls that were on the feature page a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, one of them was me.